Wellness Coaching

Why work with a coach?

The essence of coaching is to help a person know more fully who they are and want they want, then change in the way they wish, and move forward in the direction they want to go.  Coaching builds awareness that expands vision, empowers choice and leads to change.

After working with me you feel more confident and have a greater resilience and belief in yourself. You’ll feel motivated and energised with clarity around who you are, where you want to go, and how to start planning to get there. You’ll feel better equipped to manage the inevitable stresses in your life.

You will come to know your values and strengths and develop a clear vision of who you want to be, and start your plan in how to get there with increased self-awareness, certainty and peace of mind.

The coaching techniques I use are well researched, tried and tested processes for managing stress, transitions and change. While I know the principles and what works for me, every one has their own unique personality, needs and wants, and way of doing things. They have their unique set of needs, values, strengths and resources.

We may incorporate mindfulness techniques; learn how to develop greater presence,  and self-awareness; explore growth mindsets and positive states; understand how change and transition work most effectively – all based on positive psychology and neuroscience practices.

We’ll work together to find what this is for you, and how to make it work best. I’ll guide you when and how you need it and my work is evidence based, founded on principles of positive psychology, and has been a successful process for many clients. 

 Our work together can be done face to face, or online via zoom.

Please contact me if you would like more information, or to arrange a time to talk.

 “When I began, I felt some trepidation and wary regarding opening myself up and exposing my weaknesses. However, these worries were all put to one side as Lynne’s kind and guiding manner throughout have made the whole journey an enlightening and life changing experience. 

I found I had a lot more clarity around how I feel about myself. Lynne’s guidance has enabled those changes to be sustainable and the healing process to continue and I now feel more at peace and content than I have since my childhood. Thanks Lynne!” Jacqui

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